Three Tips for Affordable Miami Transportation

Are you planning an event with a set dollar limit? If you’re on a budget, you know that every penny counts! You might be thinking that professional transportation is too expensive to consider for your next event or get together, but it can make all of the difference for yourself and your guests. Here are some tips you can follow when you want to make sure you’re getting the best price on your Transport Service Miami! You’ll be much closer to finding the best transportation solution for your situation after reading this guide. The investment into convenience and safety is worth every penny!


Ask about packages

Packages are an excellent way to save money on transportation, especially if you need less hours than the standard rental time which is usually around six hours. Sometimes packages include extras for events such as weddings in the form of a champagne toast and exterior vehicle decorations. When you’re calling to reserve your vehicle, be sure to ask them if they have information on packages. This is an easy way to save some dollars on your vehicle without sacrificing quality!


Try to book on a day that isn’t busy

Of course, you probably aren’t a psychic, but there are some days and periods of time that are naturally a lot busier than others for transportation companies. Weekends beginning with Friday are filled with a lot more reservations as compared to the beginning of the week. Similarly, wedding season and school dance season brings a ton of books, as well as holidays. If you are able to avoid these times, it’s likely you will be able to benefit from reduced rates.


Split the cost among passengers

Are you traveling with a group for an event like a bar hopping trip or bachelorette party? Splitting the overall cost among passengers who will be in attendance is the perfect way to make the cost super affordable for everybody who is involved. When you go this route, your ride will probably be a lot cheaper than your usual Uber or Lyft experience. The difference is that luxury vehicles have a lot more space and amenities to enjoy when you’re on the road!


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Three Benefits of Professional Transportation

When you’re in charge of overseeing an important Tampa event such as a wedding, transportation is a vital aspect to consider! Hiring event planners and designers like Haute Couture Events is the best idea, as they do the vendor research for you. It can take a long time to sift through the expansive list of transportation providers in Miami, so it’s great to have a bit of insider knowledge. Here are three reasons why Limo Service Miami can be beneficial for your next event.


Easy shuttling for destination wedding guests

Miami destination weddings are unique events in the fact that your guests aren’t going to be familiar with the area. Sure, your guests could use rental cars to get to and from wedding day destinations, but what if they get lost? It’s a hospitable courtesy to set up a shuttle from your hotel block to the perfect wedding and reception venue.


Safe transitions for guests

Since your guests will be drinking and dancing, arranging car service or a shuttle is the best way to ensure everybody at your Miami wedding gets back to their hotel safe and sound! Your guests will be extremely grateful to have transportation already arranged.


Efficient for wedding parties

Reserving a limousine or party bus for yourself and the wedding party is beneficial in many ways. Since your wedding party is part of important stages of the wedding, it only makes sense to have everybody together for efficiency. Plus, traveling to your pictures from the ceremony location and back to the reception are all transitions filled with fun. Inviting a photographer on board your perfect wedding party vehicle allows for each and every genuine moment to be captured.

Miami Wedding and Event Planner - Haute Couture Events - Party Bus Miami

These three benefits show you exactly how transportation can elevate your own event in Miami. Remember, Haute Couture is an impressive Miami event planning service that will know exactly how to meet your needs!

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Realistic Wedding Budgeting; Why Market Research is Indispensable?

Everyone dreams of having a fairytale wedding. While it may be tempting to spend all your life’s savings on unnecessary luxury, it is crucial to stay on budget. There is an endless list of tasks to take care of for the big day. Ranging from the venue and the dress to the catering and the décor, everything must be taken care of, that too, whilst remaining within the confines of your budget.

When sorting out your expenses it is crucial to do your homework. Here’s how market research done prior to Miami wedding planning procession will help.


Before you set your wedding budget after assessing your expected expenses, it is important to do your research. Background research will help you get an idea of what the relative cost of every major expense should be. The prices vary from state to state therefore it is important that you are thorough. Start with your family and friends. Talk to them about how they went about it. Online forums are an excellent way to communicate with other couples who are in the same boat as you as well as those who have been through the planning process. Their experience will help guide you through the planning & budgeting process. Not only that, they will also help you with their tips and tricks when it comes to cutting back costs. Your best bet, however, is a professional.


A Detailed Meet up with your Wedding Planner

Consulting a wedding planner is your one-stop solution to any queries that you might have regarding the cost of throwing a wedding party. They will walk you through the basic layout of where to start and what to expect at every step along the way. Browse through venue websites. Many venues and hotels can help you assess the price per person inclusive of all expenses including venue rent, food, drinks, service, etc. Another important aspect of budget planning is to talk to the family. You need to know who is paying for what part of the wedding. Calculate an average amount whilst making sure to include extra expenses such as taxes and tips.

Doing your research beforehand will help you from getting blindsided and you will know exactly what to expect.


Prioritize Your Expenses

Start off with a list that separates the aspects that you can negotiate on and those that are absolute must-haves.


Cut the Services not the Cost

Instead of cutting the cost, the couple should focus on eliminating the not-so-important things or services for their wedding event. Get few but fully covered services instead of all but not so accomplished ones. Invest your money in proper and essential ones. Then, of course, if you have enough amount to get more add-ons –you can surely go for it.


Finding the Right Price

Market prices vary regarding the factors like city, locality, quality, season, and the cost of the products. In an expensive city like Miami, there isn’t much you would get with a discount voucher. Therefore, your realistic wedding budget should be based on the actual market pricing instead of minimal estimates.



Calculating your Wedding Costs

Before finalizing your wedding budget, you have to figure out all of the costs first. Please understand that there are two types of costs;

  • Fixed pricing

The cost that won’t change regardless of how many guests are on your plate. This include venue rent, wedding attire, wedding accessories, beauty and makeup services, transportation, and few others.


  • Variable pricing

This depends on the number of products and services required along with the on or off season evaluations. This type of cost fluctuates according to market rates and vendors. Therefore, you can’t exactly project on how much you would be spending on the total. The list includes materials, catering, and utilities that you and your guests would use for your event.


Create Strategic Wedding Vision

Staying true to your wedding vision is the key here. Know what aspects are more important to you. For some, it might be the dress whereas for others it might be the venue and décor. Sit down with your partner and your planner and decide collectively.


Keeping an eye out for discounts as they could be your saviors. It is important that you stay updated before finalizing anything. Plan your dream wedding without going over budget by simply staying one step ahead of the game.


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Got A Confirmed Pricing From Wedding Planner Before Signup? Run away! It’s a Lie!

When it comes to weddings, costs are always at an all-time high. Hiring a professional wedding planner definitely makes life so much easier not only when it comes to last minute hustle and bustle for the preparations, but also keeping everything within a realistic perfect wedding budget.

Most of the time, the couple reaches wedding planners for a generic wedding estimate before signing them up. On a realistic note, a wedding planner is unable to tell you confirmed pricing of your event until you sign up. Creating a wedding budget varies from couple to couple depending on their choices, finances, and time-span. Most of the time, planning and budgeting go hand to hand. The wedding planner has to take follow-ups of every bit of detail to create the realistic budget for your big day.  Here are some key notes on which your wedding planner would create realistic wedding budget after being signed up.


Number of guests

A common mistake made by many people when it comes to wedding planning is that they fail to realize that costs greatly depend on the number of guests you plan on inviting. Having a small-sized private wedding affair will do you a whole lot of benefit when it comes to paying off the bills. Blindly estimating budgets for a perfect wedding without knowing the number of guest’s you’re bound to invite is ridiculous.



Sometimes keeping things simple is best when it comes to décor for weddings. Going all out and grand for a theme inspired wedding will definitely turn out to be heavy in the pocket than one that is kept minimalistic yet chic. Why not choose a serene location with a view to save up on décor. This way, guests will be entertained with breathtaking scenes of nature while you can enjoy savings that would have been spent on décor elements.



There are a wide variety of flowers on offer when it comes to perfect wedding décor. You can select from seasonal, out of season and those that are available all year round. The greater the availability of flowers, the lower would be their costs. For example: Hydrangeas are cheaper in price when compared to orchids. So why not make use of these beauties that not only look beautiful but help you stay on budget too.


Type of food

A lot of the time, getting the right type of menu that fits your vision and budget for the wedding can be difficult to achieve. Choosing between buffet, kosher and served platter dinner is totally a personal choice. The pricing for catering also varies accordingly. However, it should always be kept in mind that the more lavish your dining style, the greater your costs will turn out to be.


Cake size

We’ve all heard the saying that great things come in small packages and that’s just the case in this type of situation. Your wedding cake size should be carefully selected as the larger the size, the more money you’d have to spend. Cakes cost thousands of dollars so why not reduce the number of pounds to get greater savings.


Paper Goods

Stationary and postage usually surmount to large sums. Having your wedding cards delivered on time and at the right doorstep is what we are looking for. The simpler the invitation and the lower its weight, the lesser the amount of money you’d have to spend.


All out luxury

If you desire fancy, then be ready to spend as luxury doesn’t come cheap. From simple hotel rooms to penthouse suites, the more glamour you add, the higher the bills you’d have to pay.


Miami Best wedding Planner - Wedding on a budget - Haute Couture Events


Summing it up! Any so-called wedding planner who claims to provide exact wedding estimate before actually signing up is a liar. Hiring your planner is the first step to attain a realistic wedding budget,

If you trust on a “Free wedding planning estimate advertisement”, chances would be ending up in a shock on your wedding billing that surpluses with hidden costs, additional surcharges etc. It’s also important to realize that wedding costs are solely based on the decisions you make. The simpler you go, the more you’ll save. Trust a professional only!


Audrey-Maria Cadio

Owner & Head Planner | Haute Couture Events

Miami, FL

Hire A Wedding Planner and Save Yourself A Fortune

wedding ceremony  is an expensive affair. A question very commonly asked when a couple starts planning their wedding often asks is that will hiring a wedding planner potentially save them some dollar bills?

It is a fact universally known that wedding planners do not come cheap. So how does it all add up? Following are some of the ways in which hiring a wedding planner can save you some extra cash whilst also allowing you to keep your sanity intact.

Prioritize Your Needs

Every couple dreams of turning their perfect wedding fantasies into a reality. Those fantasies involve a lot of unnecessary elements that will not play well in the practical world in the long run such as photojournalistic event coverage for the whole day or exquisite or expensive glamorous centerpieces. Wedding planners are professionals who know the market and who know how useful or unworthy an investment is. They will guide you through the process of prioritizing your needs. Not only that, they will recommend you the item that has the best value for your money. Smart spending is the way to go if you are looking to save some extra bucks and a wedding planner will help you ensure just that.


Effective Budget Management

We tend to get lured into exciting deals and once in a lifetime offers that seem way too attractive to just ignore. When under the supervision of a wedding ceremony planning professional, you are less likely to spend your hard-earned money on unnecessary items. These impulse decisions do nothing except drain your resources. A wedding planner will be your savior and rescue you from a lot of regrets later.


Experienced Opinion

Vendors are in the business to sell. They will give you minimal information regarding the progression to things. For newbies, understanding this progression can be quite a challenging task. For explaining these things to the couple getting married, there is no other individual except the wedding planner. They will be able to accurately guide you through misinformation from any vendor’s end and help steer you in the right direction. These people know the relative costs of every individual aspect. The vendors cannot outsmart them. The experience speaks for itself.


Relationship Referrals

The business world operates over a network of contacts; contacts that have been built over the course of time between vendors after they have worked on projects together. This professional relationship comes to a great advantage to prospective clients because referrals make sure that you get the best discounts paired with the best service. To ensure that you have a good experience overall these vendors are always willing to push limits that only come with an advantage.


Hiring a wedding planner will not only give you an overall concession in your expenses but it will save you a lot of time and energy. We all know how nerve-wracking a wedding ceremony is. Give yourself a break and let the professionals take care of it.


Audrey-Maria Cadio

Owner & Head Planner | Haute Couture Events

Miami, FL

How Much Does a Destination Wedding Cost?

When it comes to weddings, couples always tend to work their way out into planning their big day in a manner that will be remembered for years to come. One of the greatest examples out there is related to a destination wedding, far away from home.

We’ve all dreamt of fantasy wedding ceremony  but a destination wedding is like no other. It’s an event where close family and friends of the bride and groom gather at an ideal location, turning the event into a semi-vacation.

From distinctive locations to gorgeous views and exotic resorts, destination weddings play a helping hand in creating any couple’s dream wedding ceremony . There are a number of components that come into play whenever planning a destination wedding and cost consideration is at the top of them all.


What is the real cost of a Destination Wedding?

Pricing is definitely one of the topmost considerations for couples when it comes to planning the biggest day of their lives. How much is too much is a question on everyone’s mind. Destination weddings involve a great number of factors that make them up as a whole.

In terms of pricing, an average destination wedding rounds up to a rough estimate of about $25,000. At times, this can actually be more affordable than a traditional wedding. With that being said, there are a number of other factors that must be considered such as those revolving around family and friends. These include airfare, hotel accommodation, and other travel expenses.



For guests to arrive at your dream destination wedding ceremony , they need to be transported accordingly. This depends on how far your destination is, only then can airfares be truly added up. Direct flights are cheaper in costs than those that involve staying over at another destination. This is because the latter involves multiple plane changes.



A weekend getaway for a destination wedding usually involves a minimum stay of three nights. This can really add up in terms of pricing as hotel resorts don’t come cheap.

The bride and groom can help make guests’ stay more convenient and cost-effective by taking advantage of hotel packages that are offered for dream destination weddings at discounted rates.

Another sensible thing that can be opted for involves informing guests about renting a fully furnished home or guesthouse where multiple couples can stay together. The bride and groom are in no way responsible for paying for guests’ accommodation but those who are nice enough and financially able to do so are considered generous.


Transport at the Destination

Destinations that are located in remote areas require transport for guests to move around. This means car rentals are an absolute necessity. During peak season, car rental rates can reach to as high as $90 a day. In such circumstances, the bride and groom can help their guests by providing shuttle transportation to and from wedding activities such as the wedding ceremony and reception venue.


Food and Entertainment

Yes, there will definitely be food at the main wedding event, but guests aren’t supposed to starve before that. Guests will need to pay tourist prices in order to get served snacks and various meals of the day. In cases where guests plan on staying at resorts, high-end hotel prices will have to be paid for by them and that can be a lot.

In many instances, the bride and groom plan activities for their destination wedding in such a way that most of the food and entertainment costs get covered.


Time off from work

Another expense revolving around guests taking part in a destination wedding is related to the number of days they take off from work. In cases where they’re not a vacation leave, these travel days are a great expense out of their monthly budget.


Current exchange rate

When you opt to travel to a foreign country that lies outside the USA, exchange rates and how the dollar compares to the currency being used in the area is so important. With so many expenses as it is, it’s always a wise decision to check the currency variations in your locality. This is so you have a heads up on your wedding budget as well as the numerous expenses that involve your guests.


Little extras

Sometimes you may be surprised to learn that no matter how much you may plan to stay on budget, costs just seem to rise when opting for a destination wedding. The more unique and isolated the location, the pricier it will tend to be.

It’s not only the dining experiences that guests should worry about when it comes to costs, there are an endless array of things that wedding guests will end up buying when at a destination wedding. Common examples can vary from luggage check-in charges by airlines to purchasing bug repellants and sunscreen. In such cases, the bride and groom do tend to act as wonderful hosts by welcoming guests at the wedding destination with gift baskets containing essentials they might require.


A weekend getaway for a destination wedding requires careful thought and planning. With costs soaring high at all ends, it’s important for guests to have a heads up regarding pricing so they can enjoy the event in entirety.


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Audrey-Maria Cadio

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How to Decide Between a Full Planning Package and Partial Planning Package

How to Decide Between a Full Planning Package and Partial wedding planning Package

A wedding ceremony  is undoubtedly termed the biggest day in an individual’s life and that too for all the right reasons. It’s a day that marks the beginning of a fresh chapter in life and a step towards commitment and compromise. With that being said, a wedding requires months’ worth of long-term planning and hardcore decision making. One important decision that must be made as a wedding planner is deciding between a full planning package and partial wedding package. Which service offerings to include can be a daunting task to figure out, especially when starting out? Being able to refine your services to suit the needs and wants of your clients requires skill.

To help you figure out the basics of some of the commonly offered wedding planning services, first, take a look at what services you’ll get offered for these two wedding planning packages.


Full Wedding planning packages

Now that we’ve given you a brief overview of what a partial planning package looks like, it’s important to understand the value of a full wedding planning package. This type of package involves the wedding planner keeping on track with all the wedding ceremony  planning and festivities. The responsibility of the wedding in totality is put on the wedding planner’s shoulders who aim to guide the couple along the entire process. Common services include the following:

  • Complete management of the wedding ceremony budget
  • Attendance of all vendor meetings with the clients
  • Being on track of the schedule of payments to be done with all the vendors involved
  • Guidance counseling and consultation meetings arranged with the couple
  • Possibilities of work involvement on the wedding ceremony  design
  • Recommendations and tours of potential wedding ceremony venues
  • Complete one-month wedding coordination and planning


Partial Wedding Planning Package

A partial wedding planning package basically includes wedding month coordination, in addition to a given number of services offered by the wedding planner. When a couple opts to go with a partial planning wedding package, they are indirectly agreeing to pay a little more as compared to a full planning wedding package. Other than that, it can be trickier to pull off if a specific service isn’t outlined, a fixed number of hours are not given and an array of meetings isn’t organized for your partial planning wedding planner. Some of the common options that can be used for a partial planning package include the following.

  • A set service of budget planning and management is included, alongside a month worth of wedding month coordination
  • Planned vendor meetings with the wedding clients
  • A fixed set of offerings that keep the couple on track with the wedding ceremony schedule. This includes constant reminders and check in’s on a regular basis.
  • An array of meetings arranged with wedding clients to keep a check on how well and on track their preparations are coming along.
  • A fixed number of hours are designated by the wedding planner that includes one month of wedding coordination alongside 10-20 hours of professional wedding assistance for the planning process.


The two types of packages being mentioned above are the basic descriptions of the offerings by wedding planners for their clients. Packages can be altered and customized according to what best suits the current situation, the client’s budget and specific requirements at that particular point in time.  We’ve enlisted simple ways as to how you can decide between the two packages available.


Factors a couple should consider when making a package selection


The budget around which the wedding has been perceived

Your budget is the key ingredient of your wedding ceremony  planning. Deciding a wedding planning package totally depends on how much you are willing to spend on your best day. It’s always better to be realistic about your finances and spending ability before purchasing your dream wedding package.


The amount of time until the wedding date

Timing takes a huge share of your wedding planning package. The span would determine whether you need a month’s hourly package plan or an unlimited set of meetings and preplanning schedule with your wedding planner if you have enough time.


Whether or not the couple can handle stress and decision making well

Yes! Wedding planning can get you stressed if you try to take things on your own. Partial planning packages are better for those who can do easily go through multi-tasking and shopping chores without getting tense. However, if you aren’t good in decision making and handling loads of stress, then a full wedding planning package should be your choice.


The level of organization the couple possesses

Planning an event needs consolidated efforts to accomplish each task in the best possible manner. Of course, a couple couldn’t fulfill all the planning tasks by themselves, they surely need assistance that got their back covered. Still, if they can get some of the things done by them, then going for the partial package would be better. However, most of the couples, the excitement and stress can stumble their level of organization, so a full package would be the best choice.


Whether or not a vision has been thought of for the wedding

Most of the times, couples need guidance with the basic idea of the wedding they have dreamt of. Making up the minds with so many options could be difficult. This too impacts on the type of package to be purchased.


The scale on which the wedding will be carried out

Destination wedding, barn wedding, Chapel wedding, or a garden wedding, the list goes on. With the theme, it also depends on the scale of the event you want to carry out.


While deciding on a wedding planning package, the couple should do a quick research on these given scales and things would be easily sorted out. Above all, your wedding planner at Haute Couture Events is there for your help!


Audrey-Maria Cadio

Owner & Head Planner | Haute Couture Events

Miami, FL

10 Good Reasons to Get Married in Miami

Get married in Miami! There’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect wedding ceremony . From selecting the right wedding planner to the flavor of the wedding cake, the list of things to consider is never-ending. With destination weddings being the common trend these days, a major decision many soon to be married couples must make is choosing the ideal location to tie the knot!

Miami as a wedding destination is famous for all the right reasons. From luxurious resorts to stunning beaches and beyond, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 reasons why getting married in Miami is a decision you’ll never regret.


Unforgettable Wedding Pictures

With plenty of gorgeous oceanfront views and beautiful tropical scenery, a destination like Miami will surely have your family and friends swooning at the wedding event. There are plenty of resorts having a capacity great enough for 200 guests on the sand. In case you’re in search of an immaculate backdrop for the wedding ceremony, colonial gazebos, for example, will make wedding pictures and vow exchanges an event to remember for years.


Your Marriage License is Valid in Your Country!

Marriage is a lifelong fulfillment of love and sacrifice. Let’s not forget to mention that getting married requires the law to recognize you and your partner as husband and wife. When you get married in Miami, your marriage license has the benefit of being valid in your country. Officials may need to send it to their country’s embassy or cross-check, but it’s always valid.

Honeymoon Options

Miami is a spectacular location to have your wedding because it also serves as a great honeymoon destination for a number of reasons. It’s easily reachable within a few hours of drive and is affordable in terms of pricing too. Other than that, an all-inclusive cruise for 3 to 7 days will allow you to travel the nearby tropical Bahamas, Turks, Caicos Islands, Cuba and Jamaica too.


Art Deco Architecture

Wedding venues in a new city are extremely important when deciding destination weddings. Miami is an architectural fantasy with buildings, villas, and hotels like no other. As a tourist in the city of Miami, it’s not uncommon to find yourself bedazzled by the art deco inspired architecture that will leave you and your guests in ultimate awe.


For the Love of Latino Food!

Couples hosting a destination wedding at Miami are sure to expose their guests to some good Latino food. From barbeques and grills to seafood, From Cuba to Colombia, the relentless options to indulge upon at a wedding held in Miami are sure to take your taste buds on a memorable journey.


Wedding Venue with an Ocean View

Getting a killer venue for a wedding ceremony  in Miami is everything you need to dazzle your guests and make them enjoy the night even more! It will be a magical moment surrounded by the Famous and gorgeous Miami’s skyline, which is considered as one of the most beautiful views in the world.


Wedding Shopping Extravaganza

Wedding and shopping go hand in hand and what better place to shop your heart out than Miami. Here, you’re bound to find everything to make your wedding dreams a reality. This includes trips to some of the most renowned boutiques, bookstores, and shops.


Beach Heaven

Miami is considered as a top wedding destination and much credit goes to its distinctive array of beaches. From an oceanfront oasis for families to the ultimate party hot spot, you name it and Miami has got it.


Rich Culture and Heritage

Choosing Miami as your dream wedding destination allows you and your loved ones to experience the rich culture and heritage that Miami is renowned for. This includes numerous historic tourist attractions, pioneer dwellings, and stately mansions. The perfect example is the famous Versace Mansion located in South Beach.


Nightlife like No Other

Miami is known to come to life when the sun goes down. Keeping this city as your wedding destination gives you and guests the chance to explore famous nightlife clubs, hit live music spots and dance till dawn. It’s a never-ending party and a wedding your guests will remember.


Get Married in Miami is surely a lifetime experience! Share your best day memories with us. We’d love to know how your Miami wedding went.


Do you want to get married in Miami? Contact us and get your free consultation!


Audrey-Maria Cadio

Head Planner/ Owner at Haute Couture Events

Why You Should Not Micromanage Your Wedding Vendors

Why You Should Not Micromanage Your Wedding Vendors

If you think getting married was stressful, wait till you start planning your wedding day . Not only is it physically exhausting but the number of mental breakdowns and subsequent anxiety episodes the bride and groom undergo is overwhelming, to say the least. In order to avoid any further emotional outbursts on the day of the wedding, you need to be able to trust your wedding vendors. The bride and groom, although key players in the wedding planning process should realize that on the actual wedding day itself, they need to hold themselves back. Here’s why you should avoid micromanaging your vendors and instead enjoy your wedding day.


Learn to Let Go

After months of planning, you get into the habit of keeping eyes on everything and making sure all is going according to plan. To simply set yourself free from that kind of responsibility is a tough call to make especially on a day when your emotions are already running high. This is where the element of trust comes in. When one is so involved in the wedding planning process, it is normal to turn into a complete control freak. Trust issues are expected because this is not just any other day. It is your wedding day. However, it is important that you let go of certain aspects and put your trust into the people that you have hired.


Have a Little Faith

There is a reason why we hire professionals for events such as weddings. They know the business and more importantly, they know what they are doing more than you do. While it may be your first time dealing with all of these things, it is not for them because they go through this every day. Trust them and have a little faith in them. No event goes smoothly for there are always ups and downs. There will be glitches, there will be miscommunication, and there will be things that will not go according to plan. Your wedding vendors are the ones who stage your event and you two must work in conjunction with one another. Communication and coordination are crucial if you wish to see your dream turn into a reality.


 Be More Flexible

It is important to be open towards negotiation. No wedding can be executed exactly as planned. Be more open to options as all vendors do not offer what you are looking for. Listen to their opinion instead of rejecting it straight away. Even on the day of the wedding if things do not turn out as expected, just learn to be more open to changes. No one should have to deal with unnecessary stress on their big day.


Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions

In order to build a better relationship with your vendor, during the initial days of talks, do not be afraid to ask questions. Restrain from imposing statements and value their opinion. This will ensure better service from their end and satisfaction on your end.

Weddings are meant to be enjoyed. You would be amazed at what a little of trust can result in.


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Owner& Head Planner | Haute Couture Events

Why You Should Not DIY Wedding

Why You Should Not DIY Wedding

The DIY-wedding trend in Miami, Florida, has sufficed its phenomenal grace over the years, and has allowed weddings to be more personalized than ever. There are quite a few things such as wedding favors and invites that you could definitely plan out with your friends and design them the way you wish to.

Your party favors could always comprise of a sentimental item that you’d want people to cherish your wedding by. Designing your wedding day invitations and save-the-dates too, can be fun and exciting by playing around with Photoshop, fabric and paper materials to give them a more personalized touch. You can fuse the cards with your favorite movie lines or take glimpses from your scrapbooked journals and photos for inspiration to create a livelier look with the ‘You’ factor.

Sure, DIY weddings do have a special place, but that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t need the help of professionals as well. Before you know it, you’d be stressed out and scurrying all over the place after everybody if the wedding’s décor didn’t turn out the way you had wanted it to be. You’d turn cranky, and not to mention, bossy, and your image and expectation of a relaxed wedding day  would turn out to be a complete disaster.
For your sanity, enjoyment, and tranquility, here are the reasons why shouldn’t DIY your wedding Unless you are planning a small intimate ceremony with help from friends and family, then by all means, go for it. If, however, you want an extravagant affair, we suggest you steer clear of such a challenge and opt for a professional to handle the task. Here’s why:

You Will Not Be Saving Much Money

Wedding planners are professionals who know their way around the business. They not only have set partnerships with wedding venues but also vendors. These deals with enable you as a client to save some extra cash on items such as flowers, food, cakes, etc. Same goes for your venue. If the venue has deals set with certain vendors, then again, you will save money. If you opt to buy all these items on your own then we can almost guarantee you will be spending a lot more as DIYs tend to normally go over budget. A wedding planner will help you stay well within your set budget, give you great advice, and let you enjoy your day to the full.

The Stress Is Not Worth It

A DIY wedding requires time and effort, which inadvertently leads to some unnecessary stress. Unless you plan on quitting your job and dedicating all your time to wedding planning, then opt for such a challenge. If you plan on keeping your job, then stop right here. Think about it. Is all the stress really worth the minimal amount of money you will be saving? Weddings are supposed to be enjoyed, celebrated, and commemorated as the happiest and most romantic day of your life. No one wishes to be stressed out of their minds and in the end not enjoy the most important day of their lives. Trust us, it is not worth it. Let a professional handle this for you.

You Have Someone to Handle Your Décor

Perhaps one of the most relieving aspects of a wedding ceremony is being aware of the fact that you don’t have to decorate the wedding venue. While DIY weddings may be fun to plan and design, when it comes down to the actual labor, you will struggle if you don’t have on-hands help available at all times. Let the professionals handle all of it while you sit back and relax on the most important day of your life.

Choose Your Tasks Wisely

If you do not wish to hand over all the duties to the professionals and wish to assign some tasks for yourself to add a personal touch, then we suggest choosing your tasks wisely. Keep the less demanding tasks for you and your family and friends such as wedding invites, wedding signboards, party favors, etc. Steer clear of any major duties such as table centerpieces, catering, hair, makeup, cake, wedding day  coordination, etc. One little glitch and your entire celebration is ruined. Only take upon yourself as much as you can handle.



As a couple promising to commit their lives to one another for eternity, you already have a lot going on for you. Weddings can get extremely emotional and overwhelming. The last thing you want at that point is the responsibility of planning your entire wedding unless you are looking to trigger some petty fights and uncalled for meltdowns.

Just a heads up if you are planning on having your wedding in beautiful Miami, Miami’s heat and unpredictable weather are notorious for all the right reasons. For your perfect wedding, always keep the weather in mind. Avoid the hot and humid summer months because no one wants to be sweating buckets on their big day. Always have a backup plan ready in case of unfortunate weather conditions. Your best bet is seeking help from local wedding planning professionals because they have been through it all. They will help you every step of the way and make sure your big day goes as effortlessly and flawlessly as you imagined.

Plan your dream wedding day and let the professionals bring your vision to life as you celebrate the most important day of your life.


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