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How We Work

We make our process as fun and enjoyable as possible. As one client described it:


“You just show up to appointments, approve designs, sample menus, and so on. None of the legwork!” Well, there is a little more it (especially on our side) but if you enjoy having the best options put out in front of you and just making the decisions, then you will enjoy this.

The Initial Process

During the initial consultation, we’ll go over our capabilities as well as your fabulous details in order to determine the best approach moving forward. This consultation is at no cost to you & is most productive as an in – person meeting. We are prepared to discuss your vision & how we may best help you execute it effortlessly. We will evaluate the scope of the work foreseen for your very special event.

Once you’ve decided that our services are in line with your needs, we ask that you provide us with a retainer based on the scope discussed. This retainer serves to cover the time allotted for the first few weeks of discovery We’ll create the necessary roadmap to allow all of the pieces to fall into place as we guide you through this incredible planning process.

Bring Your Vision To Life

We know that you’re unique, it’s the reason why at Haute Couture Events every weddings and events that we produce is as custom as you are!

Our personal planning sessions will be the key ingredient that will pull to-gether the most fabulously tailored event of your life. Individually selected decor, a distinct color palette, unique textures / patterns & intricate details will create an inspiration suite that embraces all the important elements that bring your celebration to life.

Together we will incorporate personal touches that will forever be part of your amazing story!

Flawless Execution

During the various planning steps, our team will nail down all of the critical details of budget allocations, vendors management and coordination, development of a very detailed timeline, design production, onsite management, and much more… Our planning staff is prepared to keep all the parties involved organized, informed, excited and ready!

We Thank You For Evaluating Our Services in Advance!


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