10 Good Reasons to Get Married in Miami

Get married in Miami! There’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect wedding ceremony . From selecting the right wedding planner to the flavor of the wedding cake, the list of things to consider is never-ending. With destination weddings being the common trend these days, a major decision many soon to be married couples must make is choosing the ideal location to tie the knot!

Miami as a wedding destination is famous for all the right reasons. From luxurious resorts to stunning beaches and beyond, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 reasons why getting married in Miami is a decision you’ll never regret.


Unforgettable Wedding Pictures

With plenty of gorgeous oceanfront views and beautiful tropical scenery, a destination like Miami will surely have your family and friends swooning at the wedding event. There are plenty of resorts having a capacity great enough for 200 guests on the sand. In case you’re in search of an immaculate backdrop for the wedding ceremony, colonial gazebos, for example, will make wedding pictures and vow exchanges an event to remember for years.


Your Marriage License is Valid in Your Country!

Marriage is a lifelong fulfillment of love and sacrifice. Let’s not forget to mention that getting married requires the law to recognize you and your partner as husband and wife. When you get married in Miami, your marriage license has the benefit of being valid in your country. Officials may need to send it to their country’s embassy or cross-check, but it’s always valid.

Honeymoon Options

Miami is a spectacular location to have your wedding because it also serves as a great honeymoon destination for a number of reasons. It’s easily reachable within a few hours of drive and is affordable in terms of pricing too. Other than that, an all-inclusive cruise for 3 to 7 days will allow you to travel the nearby tropical Bahamas, Turks, Caicos Islands, Cuba and Jamaica too.


Art Deco Architecture

Wedding venues in a new city are extremely important when deciding destination weddings. Miami is an architectural fantasy with buildings, villas, and hotels like no other. As a tourist in the city of Miami, it’s not uncommon to find yourself bedazzled by the art deco inspired architecture that will leave you and your guests in ultimate awe.


For the Love of Latino Food!

Couples hosting a destination wedding at Miami are sure to expose their guests to some good Latino food. From barbeques and grills to seafood, From Cuba to Colombia, the relentless options to indulge upon at a wedding held in Miami are sure to take your taste buds on a memorable journey.


Wedding Venue with an Ocean View

Getting a killer venue for a wedding ceremony  in Miami is everything you need to dazzle your guests and make them enjoy the night even more! It will be a magical moment surrounded by the Famous and gorgeous Miami’s skyline, which is considered as one of the most beautiful views in the world.


Wedding Shopping Extravaganza

Wedding and shopping go hand in hand and what better place to shop your heart out than Miami. Here, you’re bound to find everything to make your wedding dreams a reality. This includes trips to some of the most renowned boutiques, bookstores, and shops.


Beach Heaven

Miami is considered as a top wedding destination and much credit goes to its distinctive array of beaches. From an oceanfront oasis for families to the ultimate party hot spot, you name it and Miami has got it.


Rich Culture and Heritage

Choosing Miami as your dream wedding destination allows you and your loved ones to experience the rich culture and heritage that Miami is renowned for. This includes numerous historic tourist attractions, pioneer dwellings, and stately mansions. The perfect example is the famous Versace Mansion located in South Beach.


Nightlife like No Other

Miami is known to come to life when the sun goes down. Keeping this city as your wedding destination gives you and guests the chance to explore famous nightlife clubs, hit live music spots and dance till dawn. It’s a never-ending party and a wedding your guests will remember.


Get Married in Miami is surely a lifetime experience! Share your best day memories with us. We’d love to know how your Miami wedding went.


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Audrey-Maria Cadio

Head Planner/ Owner at Haute Couture Events

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