Three Tips for Affordable Miami Transportation

Are you planning an event with a set dollar limit? If you’re on a budget, you know that every penny counts! You might be thinking that professional transportation is too expensive to consider for your next event or get together, but it can make all of the difference for yourself and your guests. Here are some tips you can follow when you want to make sure you’re getting the best price on your Transport Service Miami! You’ll be much closer to finding the best transportation solution for your situation after reading this guide. The investment into convenience and safety is worth every penny!


Ask about packages

Packages are an excellent way to save money on transportation, especially if you need less hours than the standard rental time which is usually around six hours. Sometimes packages include extras for events such as weddings in the form of a champagne toast and exterior vehicle decorations. When you’re calling to reserve your vehicle, be sure to ask them if they have information on packages. This is an easy way to save some dollars on your vehicle without sacrificing quality!


Try to book on a day that isn’t busy

Of course, you probably aren’t a psychic, but there are some days and periods of time that are naturally a lot busier than others for transportation companies. Weekends beginning with Friday are filled with a lot more reservations as compared to the beginning of the week. Similarly, wedding season and school dance season brings a ton of books, as well as holidays. If you are able to avoid these times, it’s likely you will be able to benefit from reduced rates.


Split the cost among passengers

Are you traveling with a group for an event like a bar hopping trip or bachelorette party? Splitting the overall cost among passengers who will be in attendance is the perfect way to make the cost super affordable for everybody who is involved. When you go this route, your ride will probably be a lot cheaper than your usual Uber or Lyft experience. The difference is that luxury vehicles have a lot more space and amenities to enjoy when you’re on the road!


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