Your Last Minute Wedding Day Checklist

Your Last Minute Wedding Day Checklist

Getting married isn’t an easy job, you have to make some budget, do some research and plan well according to it. Despite your wedding day inching ever closer, there are some very important details you still have to take care of before you walk down the aisle. It’s not just fun but a serious job which includes your wedding-dress appointments, makeup trials, hairdo selection, etc. Similarly, for choosing the honeymoon resort and coming up with a full-fledge event is another whole task to handle. So, sharing some of the best hacks for it. Have a look!

  1. Have you checked your music playlist?

Alongside making a rundown of your most loved tunes for mixed drink hour, supper, and moving, you should likewise think of a rundown of your favorite tunes you completely would prefer not to hear anytime for the duration of the night. Keep in mind, these don’t need to be set arrangements of what to play when, however they give your DJ some direction about what you adore and what you want to want to ignore.

  1. Who’s your bridesmaid/ best man?

Do confirm first, who’s willing be your best man or your bridesmaid. Pick the person with whom you are most comfortable with. Give them some responsibilities as well and keep a check on it.

  1. Have you checked the dress fitting?

This one is obvious, right? Schedule your final dress fitting shortly before your wedding so any last-minute alterations can be made and you can pick up your gown in ready-to-wear condition.

  1. Have you checked on makeup and most importantly ‘hair-removal’?

Have you check on your make up thing, what would be your style, matte or Smokey? Have you discussed all of this with your makeup artist? If not, then what are you waiting for?

It’s not the most exciting pre-wedding assignment, but rather book any hair-expulsion sessions to occur no less than a couple of days before the wedding. The exact opposite thing you need is a response that abandons you red, smudged, or bothersome before your big day and special first night!

  1. Have you finalize each and every details of the wedding event?

If there’s any dedicated event planner for your big day then just have a meeting with her or just ask any of her your friend to hold a responsibility of being a day-planner for you so you can always a check-on last minutes things with them. It’s very important to know each and every sequence of the big day,

  1. Have you finalize the arrival timings?

Most venues give couples an allotted time frame when the venue is specifically theirs. Make sure all deliveries, including rentals, flowers, and your cake, fall within the correct time and will be set up with room to spare.

  1. Backup plans are ready or not?

If any harsh weather condition strikes on your wedding day, the last thing you want is to be left without an alternative plan. Some outdoor venues have a redundant space for you to use, but if not, you will need to coordinate having a tent on hand for guests to seek shelter in.

  1. Have you packed your necessary things in a bag?

This includes any makeup, hair products, shapeware, and accessories you will need. We promise that a little planning will add up to tons of relief when the day arrives.

  1. Final headcount is done or not?

Always confirm the final headcount from your RSVP section or just confirm from the guests. It really helps to tackle the venue and catering people plus it saves from any kind of last-minute hassle and emergency.

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