Wedding Planning Tips for the Summer Bride 2018

Wedding Planning Tips for the Summer Bride 2018

Summer season is the most finest and popular time to tie the knot. In this season, the risk of stormy weather is lower and everything is bright and glowing so it is easier for guests to travel for your ceremony. It is common season for the couples to say “I do”. You can make your wedding noticeable by smearing unique styles of the summer season. Here are few Wedding Planning Tips that might help.

There are various ways to make your wedding day as a remarkable day of your whole life. Here are some finest tips that will help you to spillover your party with unique summery chic:

Select Favors that Keep Guests Relaxed:

Keep your family members and friends pleased by handing them out sunglasses, parasols and fans before the ceremony starts. These things will double as favor that guests can take them home after the wedding is over.

Ensure You Have Some Shaded Décor:

If you are slinging in a wedding at summer season then you are definitely holding the reception at outdoor spot or having a shaded area, where invited guests can be saved from the high temperature.  Seats covered with umbrella or shelter for lunch or dinner can be helpful as a protection from burning sun.

Choose Flowers that Hold Up in Heat:

In the summer season you should choose heat-resilient flowers that would not shrink due to high temperature. Seasonal flowers are pleasant choice that can endure at even the warmest day of your wedding. Hydrangeas fades away due to heat but flowers like orchids, sunflowers, fluffy flowers and garden roses can bear extreme heat.

Pick a Fresh Color Palette:

Bright weddings with outbursts of noble colors or attractive pastels like blue, bright yellow or coral are adorable during the summer season. You should skip darker trends towards option of lighter and blither shaded pattern. Avoid heavy tenors that make entire ties feels warmer than it already is.

Offer Refreshing Cocktails and Wine:

During the heat of summer no one wants to have a warm drink or unchill wine so amuse your guests with bright signed cocktail, rose wine or chilled white drink. Chilled drinks will keep guests cool as they drink and they will help you to stock your bar in smarter way.

Make a Smart Timeline:

Diminish time without shade and plan your wedding at cool points of the day like sunset ceremony and evening reception. It is chiefly essential to keep the short time between your ceremony and reception, at any time of year. The last thing you have to do is asking guests to stand around in the sun for hours on end of the ceremony.

Pick a Light, Refreshing Dinner Menu:

Wedding in summer season is not about debauched five-course meal.  Stick to uplifting and lighter menu for dinner like chicken, grilled fish, fresh salad and seasonal vegetables.

Wear a light dress:

If you are getting married in summer season and having an outdoor ceremony then it is best to wear a lighter dress which is made of nimbler material. By wearing lighter dress, you will not get overheated during the ceremonial. However, if you want to have a heavy gown then you must should go for it but for bridesmaids,must choose dresses made of light weighted fabric.

Choose Summery Hairstyles:

As a bride, pacifying your hair into a perfect flowing is sufficient tough but humidity and long hairs can be calamitous. To stay cool, ladies should try pulling their hair apart off their face and neck. Stylish braided hair styles are upgraded from more classic looks.

Go with Attentive Dessert Stations:

Have your caterer to create a summer-friendly dessert station with chilling treats like ice cream or fresh shakes to cool down everybody on the dance floor and to wow them. Alcohol-hobnailed smooth ice is a delicious andmature-friendly choice to raise the idea even more.

Hiring a Wedding Planner:

Hope you liked these few best Wedding Planning Tips.The only person, who can help you while choosing theme, dresses, decoration pattern and at all other aspects of the entire ceremony, is a wedding planner. In Miami Beach, if you are in search of a professional wedding planner then Haute Couture Events is a best choice to hire for planning a perfect wedding of your style. Our Professional Planners are passionate about all things weddings and even more passionate about helping you find your voice for your wedding day.We love what we do and it shows. Haute Couture Events is dedicated to providing you with something unique,reflective and unexpected.

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