How to Decide Between a Full Planning Package and Partial Planning Package

How to Decide Between a Full Planning Package and Partial wedding planning Package

A wedding ceremony  is undoubtedly termed the biggest day in an individual’s life and that too for all the right reasons. It’s a day that marks the beginning of a fresh chapter in life and a step towards commitment and compromise. With that being said, a wedding requires months’ worth of long-term planning and hardcore decision making. One important decision that must be made as a wedding planner is deciding between a full planning package and partial wedding package. Which service offerings to include can be a daunting task to figure out, especially when starting out? Being able to refine your services to suit the needs and wants of your clients requires skill.

To help you figure out the basics of some of the commonly offered wedding planning services, first, take a look at what services you’ll get offered for these two wedding planning packages.


Full Wedding planning packages

Now that we’ve given you a brief overview of what a partial planning package looks like, it’s important to understand the value of a full wedding planning package. This type of package involves the wedding planner keeping on track with all the wedding ceremony  planning and festivities. The responsibility of the wedding in totality is put on the wedding planner’s shoulders who aim to guide the couple along the entire process. Common services include the following:

  • Complete management of the wedding ceremony budget
  • Attendance of all vendor meetings with the clients
  • Being on track of the schedule of payments to be done with all the vendors involved
  • Guidance counseling and consultation meetings arranged with the couple
  • Possibilities of work involvement on the wedding ceremony  design
  • Recommendations and tours of potential wedding ceremony venues
  • Complete one-month wedding coordination and planning


Partial Wedding Planning Package

A partial wedding planning package basically includes wedding month coordination, in addition to a given number of services offered by the wedding planner. When a couple opts to go with a partial planning wedding package, they are indirectly agreeing to pay a little more as compared to a full planning wedding package. Other than that, it can be trickier to pull off if a specific service isn’t outlined, a fixed number of hours are not given and an array of meetings isn’t organized for your partial planning wedding planner. Some of the common options that can be used for a partial planning package include the following.

  • A set service of budget planning and management is included, alongside a month worth of wedding month coordination
  • Planned vendor meetings with the wedding clients
  • A fixed set of offerings that keep the couple on track with the wedding ceremony schedule. This includes constant reminders and check in’s on a regular basis.
  • An array of meetings arranged with wedding clients to keep a check on how well and on track their preparations are coming along.
  • A fixed number of hours are designated by the wedding planner that includes one month of wedding coordination alongside 10-20 hours of professional wedding assistance for the planning process.


The two types of packages being mentioned above are the basic descriptions of the offerings by wedding planners for their clients. Packages can be altered and customized according to what best suits the current situation, the client’s budget and specific requirements at that particular point in time.  We’ve enlisted simple ways as to how you can decide between the two packages available.


Factors a couple should consider when making a package selection


The budget around which the wedding has been perceived

Your budget is the key ingredient of your wedding ceremony  planning. Deciding a wedding planning package totally depends on how much you are willing to spend on your best day. It’s always better to be realistic about your finances and spending ability before purchasing your dream wedding package.


The amount of time until the wedding date

Timing takes a huge share of your wedding planning package. The span would determine whether you need a month’s hourly package plan or an unlimited set of meetings and preplanning schedule with your wedding planner if you have enough time.


Whether or not the couple can handle stress and decision making well

Yes! Wedding planning can get you stressed if you try to take things on your own. Partial planning packages are better for those who can do easily go through multi-tasking and shopping chores without getting tense. However, if you aren’t good in decision making and handling loads of stress, then a full wedding planning package should be your choice.


The level of organization the couple possesses

Planning an event needs consolidated efforts to accomplish each task in the best possible manner. Of course, a couple couldn’t fulfill all the planning tasks by themselves, they surely need assistance that got their back covered. Still, if they can get some of the things done by them, then going for the partial package would be better. However, most of the couples, the excitement and stress can stumble their level of organization, so a full package would be the best choice.


Whether or not a vision has been thought of for the wedding

Most of the times, couples need guidance with the basic idea of the wedding they have dreamt of. Making up the minds with so many options could be difficult. This too impacts on the type of package to be purchased.


The scale on which the wedding will be carried out

Destination wedding, barn wedding, Chapel wedding, or a garden wedding, the list goes on. With the theme, it also depends on the scale of the event you want to carry out.


While deciding on a wedding planning package, the couple should do a quick research on these given scales and things would be easily sorted out. Above all, your wedding planner at Haute Couture Events is there for your help!


Audrey-Maria Cadio

Owner & Head Planner | Haute Couture Events

Miami, FL

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