Why You Should Not Micromanage Your Wedding Vendors

Why You Should Not Micromanage Your Wedding Vendors

If you think getting married was stressful, wait till you start planning your wedding day . Not only is it physically exhausting but the number of mental breakdowns and subsequent anxiety episodes the bride and groom undergo is overwhelming, to say the least. In order to avoid any further emotional outbursts on the day of the wedding, you need to be able to trust your wedding vendors. The bride and groom, although key players in the wedding planning process should realize that on the actual wedding day itself, they need to hold themselves back. Here’s why you should avoid micromanaging your vendors and instead enjoy your wedding day.


Learn to Let Go

After months of planning, you get into the habit of keeping eyes on everything and making sure all is going according to plan. To simply set yourself free from that kind of responsibility is a tough call to make especially on a day when your emotions are already running high. This is where the element of trust comes in. When one is so involved in the wedding planning process, it is normal to turn into a complete control freak. Trust issues are expected because this is not just any other day. It is your wedding day. However, it is important that you let go of certain aspects and put your trust into the people that you have hired.


Have a Little Faith

There is a reason why we hire professionals for events such as weddings. They know the business and more importantly, they know what they are doing more than you do. While it may be your first time dealing with all of these things, it is not for them because they go through this every day. Trust them and have a little faith in them. No event goes smoothly for there are always ups and downs. There will be glitches, there will be miscommunication, and there will be things that will not go according to plan. Your wedding vendors are the ones who stage your event and you two must work in conjunction with one another. Communication and coordination are crucial if you wish to see your dream turn into a reality.


 Be More Flexible

It is important to be open towards negotiation. No wedding can be executed exactly as planned. Be more open to options as all vendors do not offer what you are looking for. Listen to their opinion instead of rejecting it straight away. Even on the day of the wedding if things do not turn out as expected, just learn to be more open to changes. No one should have to deal with unnecessary stress on their big day.


Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions

In order to build a better relationship with your vendor, during the initial days of talks, do not be afraid to ask questions. Restrain from imposing statements and value their opinion. This will ensure better service from their end and satisfaction on your end.

Weddings are meant to be enjoyed. You would be amazed at what a little of trust can result in.


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Audrey-Maria Cadio

Owner& Head Planner | Haute Couture Events

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