Step By Step Wedding Planning Guide from Dream Paris Wedding Planners

Most couples attempt to hire a professional wedding planner while planning their big day. On the other hand, there are a few other people who would like to get pleasure from the planning procedure. Accordingly, they will decide to plan the big day on their own. Wedding planning should indeed be an extremely pleasant task. On the other hand, a fact is that no couple will have experience in wedding planning, as they are getting married the first time.

It is not simple to make plans for your big day. The couple will have to deal with the number of problems and vendors. They will as well need to deal with the family members and close friends. Your family members will indeed be giving you loads of ideas while you are getting things ready for the most significant day in your life. This can be extremely worrying since you have to on one hand respect the opinions of your family members and alternatively try to make your dream wedding come true.

It will surely be helpful for you to have a guide for your wedding ceremony. You will certainly make a wedding planning checklist to plan it professionally. You may have a question that why you need to make a checklist. There are lots of items to be implicated in your big day and you will have to list all of these items. You will have to make sure that not anything will be overlooked on the list.

Planning a wedding ceremony is no easy task for both the families of the groom and bride and couple independently. Numerous preparations must be made, and in lots of cases, not enough time to do it. It’s a little surprise that most choose to pay a professional destination wedding planner in Paris to do the job for them. However, for some, that is an additional expense they can’t afford or, takes away from the fun of planning the wedding. For those who need assistance regarding planning the wedding ceremony, here is Step By Step Wedding Planning Guide from Dream Paris Wedding planners.

Tip: Work on everything step-by-step. ONE TIME, ONE THING.

Wedding Planning Step-by-Step Guide:

It is very much important that you plan your wedding ceremony step-by-step even if you hire a professional to help you or you are doing it on your own. In case you have hired a Destination wedding planner Paris, then they will offer you one. If not, we are sharing it here:

Twelve months before Settled Date:

  • Get yourself a file/Tab with papers/pen.
  • Select a wedding date with your fiancé and families.
  • The first one in important factors of wedding planning is Budget. Set your Budget carefully.
  • Discuss everything with your other half and his/her family members, (never miss your parents in any decision).
  • Decide your wedding theme.
  • Decide on your wedding attendants.
  • Book location(s) for ceremony and reception
  • Hire a professional destination wedding planner, wedding caterer, decorators, photographer, videographer, and DJ or wedding musicians.

Nine months earlier than the day:

  • Make an appointment with your priest. Usually, you possibly will be required to attend pre-wedding counseling, if you are having a religious ceremony. For civil ceremonies, your priest may want a meeting to talk about your wedding ceremony.
  • Shopping for a Wedding gown and first fittings should be done at this time.
  • Shop for your other accessories, headpiece or veil, and wedding shoes.
  • Start making the guest list. Be in no doubt to include both sides of the family as the guest list can be a controversial issue. It will take time to decide on long lost neighbors, cousins, work friends, etc.
  • Settle on gift registry locations and register.
  • Start searching for the location for your honeymoon. You possibly will have to book your honeymoon site up to nine months earlier.

Six months before Wedding:

  • You will have to meet with the destination wedding planner in Paris who will help you on your special day.
  • The foodstuff menu should be fixed with your catering company, an analysis of requested wedding photographs with your photographer, a conversation with your videographer on the number of locations and type of footage for videos, and your fondness for music with your DJ.
  • Wedding transportation should be reserved. winter horse-drawn sleighs or Wedding cart should be booked.
  • If you are willing to make wedding invitations and/or save the date cards and wedding announcements, you have to choose a provider. If you are making your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery on your own, you should choose a wedding invitation kit template package.
  • The honeymoon trip should be reserved and financial plans for the honeymoon confirmed.
  • Flower Girl and Bridesmaids dresses should be decided upon and ordered.
  • Start shopping for wedding rings.

Three months before:

  • Final decisions and ordering of wedding rings.
  • Visit hairstylist for a discussion and have your first wedding day hair try-out.
  • Explore and analyze state requirements for blood tests.
  • Research, review, and reserve hotel rooms for out of town guests who will need lodging.
  • Check for your wedding dress and confirm delivery dates for your dress and those of your attendants.
  • Try your first wedding gown fitting as well as other accessories and shoes.

Six to eight weeks earlier

  • Get your wedding invitation kit templates ready for printing, counting the Thank You cards.
  • If you have planned your invites prepared from a commercial business, be sure they are all set for you.
  • Address and mail the wedding invitations.
  • Purchase any wedding gifts for your spouse, attendants, parents, grandparents, and guests.
  • Make the final choice on your wedding hairstyle and any hair color changes should be made.
  • Choose your rings from your jewelry shop.
  • Print out your customized Thank you cards from your wedding invitation kit outline or buy generic Thank you cards.
  • Send any Thank you cards for the wedding ceremony or shower gifts received over the past weeks.

10 – 14 Days before:

  • Confirm one final review of the menu with your caterer.
  • Confirm the venue and time of ceremony with your priest.
  • Talk to your photographer, videographer, DJ, and/or wedding band.
  • Confirm your honeymoon reservation and any particular requests for the wedding ceremony night.
  • The final visit to your hairstylist to review any last-minute concerns or changes.

One week before the Wedding:

  • Attend any eleventh-hour parties or bridal showers in your nobility.
  • Write any Thank you cards for the received gifts at these functions.
  • Confirm your final number of guests expected to attend the ceremony.
  • Flower Girl and Bridesmaids confirmation of the time they are anticipated to arrive.
  • Get travel insurance for the honeymoon if you are leaving the state.
  • Buy traveler’s checks for the honeymoon holiday.
  • Double-check to be in no doubt that traveler’s checks are accepted and effortlessly cashed at your dream destination.

Actual Wedding Day:

  • Execute a concluding analysis of the checklist and make sure to bring all the necessary things for the wedding ceremony
  • Hold and make sure the executive wedding rings are carried to the venue
  • Take pleasure at your wedding ceremony and calm down!

Notwithstanding the detail that the Wedding Planning Checklist was formed according to at least 12 months planning sequence, you can utilize this check-list for longer or shorter wedding planning phases with more than a few reasonable alterations of the check-list.

Though there are other facets of planning your wedding ceremony that should be on your wedding planning checklist; this Step By Step Wedding Planning Guide from Parisian Wedding planners should get you well on your way to making suitable arrangements and decisions. The key thing to memorize while planning your wedding is the financial plan. Once you know how a lot you have to spend; the whole lot else will fall into perfect place.

Dream Paris wedding:

Dream Paris Wedding is one of the best destination wedding planners in Paris helping couples from 2008. They help couples find their dream venue and vendor team while giving them personalized recommendations based on the couple’s unique taste, values, and budget to bring their vision to life. The professional team with them takes your wedding planning very seriously and know how much it means to you. As an Award-winning firm, Paris wedding planners conceptualize, design, plans, and project manage all important elements of your wedding. From the very first moment you place your trust in them; their team is making sure that professional services are coming across each of the client’s needs. Their planned weddings in Paris are highly customized and will always reflect the essence and exact vision of each couple

We hope you’ve got what you are in search of. Share your thoughts on step by step way to plan a wedding ceremony. Which step plays the most important role?

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