Every Brides need these wedding accessories list in 2019!

Your engagement marks your path to your wedding day. You should invite each and everyone who can help you plan and assist you, and help you through your big day. If you are not going to hire a professional advisor and coordinator, identify from your family and friends, or your groom’s family members and your wedding ceremony coordinator and his or her assistants who will help carry out specific duties during your wedding ceremony. Indicate the name, together with the task or role that they will play during the preparation at your wedding ceremony. Note that the Bride-to-be should already be relaxed and all-smiles during their wedding day.


Next, is your budget. If you have limited yourself to a certain budget then stick to it. Allocate your resources effectively by identifying how much will go to certain components of your wedding ceremony. Sometimes, couples planning for their wedding, tend to overshoot without them knowing because they failed to work on the budget they set for themselves.How Much Does Wedding Accessories Cost In 2019 (Worth Collection)

Next is your master schedule and list of wedding ceremony accessories and essentials for the big day. Your master schedule and list should indicate the time of going from supplier to supplier, wedding day supplies and wedding accessories that are essential during your wedding day.

  • Sit down with your husband (or your wife) and talk about the budget. Determine what you have to work with and stick by that figure.
  • Start narrowing down a date and time for the wedding and the reception.
  • Talk to your partner about possible locations for the ceremony and reception. Once decided on, book those locations asap.
  • Consider the guest list and how many people from each family (including friends) are going to be invited.
  • Start browsing caterers and possible menu choices that will please all, or most of, your guests. Variety is important!
  • Arrange a meeting with the “officiater”. Discuss the details of the ceremony in detail and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Select the wedding attendants and then extend the invitations.
  • Take a breather and pat yourself on the back, as you’re more than halfway through the 6-12 month wedding check list!
  • Get the wedding gown, bridal dresses, as well as any bridal accessories that you need.

Gift Registration

  • Begin invitation creation. Either pay for the invitations to be professionally done OR start writing them yourself to save on the budget.
  • Contact a photography service and meet with them to discuss your options & wedding photo packages.

Book the entertainment

With your partner, select the rings you wish to use for the ceremony.

With this wedding check list, you should have no problem keeping track of what needs to be done 6 to 12 months before your big day Follow this wedding checklist closely and you’ll be well on your way to creating your dream wedding, guaranteed!

wedding planning list may also consist of the accessories of the bride and the groom 

Bride Attire Checklist:

– Wedding dress,

– Skirt with hoops,

– Veil,

– Shoes,

– Stockings,

– Garter,

– Underwear,

– Strapless bra,

– Gloves,

wedding Jewelry,

wedding purse,

– Cape (for cool weather),

– Ornaments for the hair.

Groom’s Attire Checklist:

– Suit,

– Shirt,

– Vest (under suit),

– Necktie,

– Belt,

– Underwear,

– Socks,

– Boots,

– Boutonniere,

– Scarf.

It may seem that there are way too many items on a wedding planning list. However, this list is merely a guide, and each couple will have their own unique list. One thing is certain – the more detailed your wedding checklists are, the less hassles you will encounter at your wedding!

Determine the type of wedding:

number of attendees,
formality (formal, semi-formal, casual) & time of day (morning, afternoon, evening)


Decide on the finances & how bills might be shared
Buy a daytimer to keep track of appointments & events
Develop a record for keeping a system for payments
Create an ongoing approximate # invitee record
Decide if you’ll be inviting youngsters or not
Select and reserve ceremony site
Select, meet with, and reserve Officiant/Priest/Minister/Rabbi
Choose and book the reception venue
Shop for, choose and order your wedding dress
Determine the color scheme

If ceremony or reception is at a house, arrange for any home enhancements
Acquire, passports, visas, search for birth certificates, any paperwork needed for honeymoon and/or marriage licenses

Conclusion…A wedding planner can offer expert advice, and creating the perfect scene is their business. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you put away the checklist that you’ve thought about all the different wedding accessories that will make your wedding just right.

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