Best Tips and step by step Guide on making your own Wedding Bouquet

Best Tips and step by step Guide on making your own Wedding Bouquet

As we all know that flowers plays vital role in decorating a wedding reception or venue. Hiring a wedding florist can charge much cost because you will not only have to pay for buying flower but to the florist and his/her team also. There is a misunderstanding that making your own wedding bouquet is a difficult deed, which it’s surely not. So, if you choose to make the wedding bouquet at your own then beneficially you will save a lot of money. It is frequently asked question that How to choose flowers for Wedding Bouquet?

Here are best tips for choosing flowers for your Wedding Bouquet:


Visit multiple dealers to get the finest flowers:

There is no doubt in that there are a lot of choices around you to choose our best, and positively we are not bound to choose from a single place/shop. Maybe it will best to be faithful to a single vendor for other particulars but in the case of flowers, it is not essential. You are authorized to visit different sellers and pick the flowers that you want and that meet your précised financial plan for them. If you have to purchase flowers from one and greenery from another shop then you should do it. Every person is having a different choice so there is not a fixed custom to be shadowed, choose your favorite ones.

Always Follow Seasonality:

Maybe many of us are not familiar with the term “seasonality” which is commonly used in flower business. This term is used to define varieties of flowers having budding patterns according to the season, which you certainly should reflect while choosing flowers for the wedding bouquet. For example, peonies are having an irregular budding season and that is the reason, they are very costly at certain seasons of the year and not obtainable in sizzling summer time-period. Alternatively, hydrangeas are grown up in greenhouses at all seasons of the year, which makes them fewer expensive for the reason that they are more freely obtainable. Ultimately, when seasonal flowers are in season they are the finest excellence and you can get them at very reasonable price.

After choosing the appropriate flowers it is also a very common question that How to make your own Wedding Bouquet? First of all, you will have to get all the belongings needed in making wedding bouquet and here is the list of what you should have?

Things you need:

  • Flowers of your optimal
  • A bucket
  • Scissor
  • Water
  • Bouquet jots
  • Floral sticky tape
  • Flower clippers
  • Bunch covering (We recommend white bands)

Here are steps to make perfect Wedding Bouquet:

STEP # 1: Reserve a place for doing it:

  • Kitchens are perfect for doing flower preparation for the reason it is easy to clean it after work.
  • If you are having extensive counter space, then that will work fine.
  • An outside place is also best to do it. Put all of the flowers in large containers also.

STEP # 2: Get the Flowers Ready:

  • Make certain to remove verdure from the flower’sstems with your hands or you can also use a stem cutter.
  • In case of choosing roses make sure to remove the thorns out of them.
  • Trim all the stems in the same size.

STEP # 3: Put the Flowers Together:

  • Make a base using 3-5 flowers.
  • Gather the stems and cover with floral sticky tape.
  • While wrapping the stems, make certain that there are about 1 to 2 inches of showing stems.
  • 4 to 5 inches of stem should be visible at lowest side.

STEP # 4: Form your own wedding bouquet:

  • Attach more flowers round your affixed flowers to make a cluster.
  • Visualize your product and its periphery (suggestion: it should not too large!).
  • Combine flexible colors and types to generate a stimulating arrangement.
  • Constantly cover it with floral sticky tape as you attached flowers.

STEP #5: Cover them to form a perfect wedding bouquet:

  • Start covering the stems from the distance of about 3 to 4 inches of flower crown.
  • About 4 inches of stem should be visible (Tip: use your individual liking!).
  • Use floral sticky tape as your director and pin the band at the horizontal direction.
  • Cover till the floral sticky tape is concealed and the band is safe.

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