Got A Confirmed Pricing From Wedding Planner Before Signup? Run away! It’s a Lie!

When it comes to weddings, costs are always at an all-time high. Hiring a professional wedding planner definitely makes life so much easier not only when it comes to last minute hustle and bustle for the preparations, but also keeping everything within a realistic perfect wedding budget.

Most of the time, the couple reaches wedding planners for a generic wedding estimate before signing them up. On a realistic note, a wedding planner is unable to tell you confirmed pricing of your event until you sign up. Creating a wedding budget varies from couple to couple depending on their choices, finances, and time-span. Most of the time, planning and budgeting go hand to hand. The wedding planner has to take follow-ups of every bit of detail to create the realistic budget for your big day.  Here are some key notes on which your wedding planner would create realistic wedding budget after being signed up.


Number of guests

A common mistake made by many people when it comes to wedding planning is that they fail to realize that costs greatly depend on the number of guests you plan on inviting. Having a small-sized private wedding affair will do you a whole lot of benefit when it comes to paying off the bills. Blindly estimating budgets for a perfect wedding without knowing the number of guest’s you’re bound to invite is ridiculous.



Sometimes keeping things simple is best when it comes to décor for weddings. Going all out and grand for a theme inspired wedding will definitely turn out to be heavy in the pocket than one that is kept minimalistic yet chic. Why not choose a serene location with a view to save up on décor. This way, guests will be entertained with breathtaking scenes of nature while you can enjoy savings that would have been spent on décor elements.



There are a wide variety of flowers on offer when it comes to perfect wedding décor. You can select from seasonal, out of season and those that are available all year round. The greater the availability of flowers, the lower would be their costs. For example: Hydrangeas are cheaper in price when compared to orchids. So why not make use of these beauties that not only look beautiful but help you stay on budget too.


Type of food

A lot of the time, getting the right type of menu that fits your vision and budget for the wedding can be difficult to achieve. Choosing between buffet, kosher and served platter dinner is totally a personal choice. The pricing for catering also varies accordingly. However, it should always be kept in mind that the more lavish your dining style, the greater your costs will turn out to be.


Cake size

We’ve all heard the saying that great things come in small packages and that’s just the case in this type of situation. Your wedding cake size should be carefully selected as the larger the size, the more money you’d have to spend. Cakes cost thousands of dollars so why not reduce the number of pounds to get greater savings.


Paper Goods

Stationary and postage usually surmount to large sums. Having your wedding cards delivered on time and at the right doorstep is what we are looking for. The simpler the invitation and the lower its weight, the lesser the amount of money you’d have to spend.


All out luxury

If you desire fancy, then be ready to spend as luxury doesn’t come cheap. From simple hotel rooms to penthouse suites, the more glamour you add, the higher the bills you’d have to pay.


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Summing it up! Any so-called wedding planner who claims to provide exact wedding estimate before actually signing up is a liar. Hiring your planner is the first step to attain a realistic wedding budget,

If you trust on a “Free wedding planning estimate advertisement”, chances would be ending up in a shock on your wedding billing that surpluses with hidden costs, additional surcharges etc. It’s also important to realize that wedding costs are solely based on the decisions you make. The simpler you go, the more you’ll save. Trust a professional only!


Audrey-Maria Cadio

Owner & Head Planner | Haute Couture Events

Miami, FL

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