Do I need the wedding planner?

A lot of couples, who contact us at Haute Couture Events, ask us if they really need a planner. In fact, some couples think they can plan their own weddings and skip using the wedding planner. If you answer “no” to any of these following questions, you should probably think about contacting planners to have a discussion.


Are you ready to work after work?

Life can already be overwhelming with work or school, in this case, a wedding planner can be a huge asset for keeping the planning process moving while you are busy living your daily life.

Plus, most vendors and wedding providers have normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm) and are closed on weekends. You need to be aware that you will have to make time for them during the day or take days off from work to get all of your planning done.


Do you have free time?

Like the first one, this question is very important and you should ask yourself if you have enough free time to visit venues, meet with vendors, ask for quotes, compare, and very often, waste a lot of your time before finally finding what matches the best with your budget and expectations. As an estimate for you, a full wedding planning requires between 120  and 150 hours for a professional.


Are you extremely well organized?

Being very well organized, follow schedule, be punctual and deadline oriented is a must! You can actually lose more than what you think. If you are not, you definitely need a wedding planner who will keep the planning on time, give you updates and follow up about it and on the big day.


Do you know how to manage your budget?

Managing a budget is not easy, especially for a wedding. It has never been a secret that weddings can be pricey affairs and even more in Miami.

The price can change from simple to double just depending on the venue, the date, type of food, type of ceremony/reception, décor and much more… As wedding planners, we know how to negotiate and most often already have discounted pricing based on previous events we brought to our preferred vendors.


Will you be able to manage your day-of?

Have you ever thought about the coordination of your big day? Most of the brides and grooms do not have much time during the day of to make the décor, prepare the tables and manage the vendors’ arrivals.

Hiring the Wedding planner

Do you think you need a planner? Contact us and make an appointment online for your first FREE wedding consulting session with our team.


Audrey Cadio

Owner / Head planner | Haute Couture Events

Miami FL

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